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Our expert background

Our technology builds on solid academic research. Strong background and expertise are crucial for achieving success in quantum technologies. This is particularly true for the very complex area of quantum networks and security.


Below is a selection of scientific papers from our staff.


Popular reviews in quantum technologies


Capacities of quantum communications and networks


Quantum security


QKD protocols


Recent experiments in quantum cryptography

  • Practical continuous-variable quantum key distribution with composable security, N. Jain, H.-M. Chin, H. Mani, C. Lupo, D. S. Nikolic, A. Kordts, S. Pirandola, T. B. Pedersen, M. Kolb, B. Ömer, C. Pacher, T. Gehring, U. L. Andersen, Nature Communications 13, 4740 (2022)

  • Scalable Authentication and Optimal Flooding in a Quantum Network, N. R. Solomons, A. I. Fletcher, D. Aktas, N. Venkatachalam, S. Wengerowsky, M. Lončarić, S. P. Neumann, B. Liu, Ž. Samec, M. Stipčević, R. Ursin, S. Pirandola, J. G. Rarity, S. K. Joshi, PRX Quantum 3, 020311 (2022)

  • Homodyne-based quantum random number generator at 2.9 Gbps secure against quantum side-information, T. Gehring, C. Lupo, A. Kordts, D. S. Nikolic, N. Jain, T. Rydberg, T. B. Pedersen, S. Pirandola, U. L. Andersen, Nature Communications 12, 605 (2021)

  • Long-Distance Continuous-Variable Quantum Key Distribution over 202.81 km of Fiber, Y. Zhang, Z. Chen, S. Pirandola, X. Wang, C. Zhou, B. Chu, Y. Zhao, B. Xu, S. Yu, H. Guo, Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 010502 (2020)

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