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Stefano Pirandola (CEO and Founder)


World-recognized expert in quantum communication, security and networks.

Among other contributions, Prof Pirandola:

  • pioneered the “continuous variable” (high-rate) formulation of quantum information

  • established the ultimate capacities for quantum communication and entanglement distribution

  • designed the optimal routing strategies for quantum networks with arbitrary topology

  • introduced the first end-to-end protocols for quantum cryptography

  • derived rigorous security proofs for quantum key distribution (fiber, free-space, satellite)

  • developed tools for teleportation, entanglement distillation & quantum computing optimization.

180+ research papers (arXiv). Google Scholar profile

Sam Braunstein (quantum guru)


Prof Braunstein is widely recognized as one of the founding fathers of the entire field of quantum information and computation.

Among his many seminal contributions, he contributed to introduce and develop quantum teleportation with continuous variables, designed quantum teleportation networks, pioneered the field of quantum metrology, and introduced the first bosonic model for universal quantum computing.

Google Scholar profile

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