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nodeQ launches PQtunnel™: Leading-Edge Cybersecurity Solution for Quantum-Safe Communication

The application developed by nodeQ simplifies the migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography for both SMEs and large enterprises.

York, UK – November 15, 2023

The advent of Quantum Computing poses a significant threat to existing standardized cryptosystems. Algorithms like RSA or ECDH, which form the backbone of current security protocols are susceptible to being compromised. This vulnerability exposes a large number of applications to potential security breaches. Companies must transition their IT infrastructures to quantum-resistant solutions, particularly focusing on Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC).

The post-quantum transition presents challenges due to the inherently greater computational demands and the necessity for longer secret keys associated with the new post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. Furthermore, as these algorithms are currently in the process of being standardized by NIST, organizations must also be prepared to adapt and integrate various combinations of them to ensure long-term resilience against potential future failures.

To address the need for quantum-resistant cryptography, nodeQ has developed PQtunnel™, a versatile client-server application designed for establishing quantum-safe end-to-end connections across classical networks. PQtunnel™ is cross-platform, ensuring consistent functionality on various operating systems (e.g., Linux, Windows).

The application provides support for a wide range of PQC algorithms involved in the NIST standardization process, alongside compatibility with high-level security protocols like SSH. With PQtunnel™, users can achieve secure and quantum-safe remote server connections, file transfers, and SSH tunneling.

Additionally, PQtunnel™ features a benchmarking tool, enabling organizations to evaluate and compare different PQC algorithms, to optimize speed without compromising security. This crucial function is instrumental in assisting companies to strategize and navigate their transition to quantum-safe cryptography solutions effectively.

Key Features

  • Crypto-Agility: Implements various PQC algorithms to counteract the quantum threat

  • Cross-Platform: Can be installed on different operating systems and integrated into diverse use case scenarios

  • Hardware-Agnostic: No need for hardware accelerators and therefore free from hardware vendor dependencies

  • True End-to-End: Directly connects servers and clients, providing a more secure approach compared to site-to-site VPNs (classical or quantum)

  • On-the-Fly Benchmarking: Can collect data and metrics to benchmark performance and optimize algorithm selection


  • Financial Institutions

  • Government Entities

  • Telecommunications Companies

  • Cloud Providers

  • Healthcare Industry

  • Defense Sector

  • Research Centers

  • SMEs handling confidential data

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