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Quantum Networks and Security

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About Us

Building on many years of top-notch research in quantum communication, security and computing, our mission is the development of quantum networks for enterprise and industrial use.

Our software enables a customer to migrate to a quantum network with optimal architecture and components.


Near-Term Quantum Security

Public key cryptosystems will be broken by quantum computers, thus exposing all private communications (financial, medical, etc.)  

Enterprises need to migrate to quantum-safe communications, based on quantum key distribution (QKD) and/or post quantum crypto (PQC). Without an expert guide, these communications will be slow, not practical in comparison with the current standards.

Our software enables customers to:

  • Migrate to a quantum-safe network

  • Maximize its speed

  • Monitor its security and performance.

Next-Gen Quantum

In distributed quantum computing, quantum computers need to be interconnected by suitable quantum communication links. These should enable the high-fidelity transfer of quantum information among remote machines at sufficiently high rates.

In this scenario, quantum entanglement is a crucial commodity, whose distribution should be performed in the best possible way.

In our company, we develop the software tools for the optimal routing and management of entanglement over quantum networks of 
arbitrary topology, so to minimize hardware requirements and costs.

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