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Development of High-Performance
Quantum Networks


About Us

World-Leading Experts in Quantum Networks

Building on many years of top-notch research in quantum communication, security and computing, our mission is the development of quantum networks for enterprise and industrial use.

Our advanced software tools enable a customer to design a quantum network, optimize its architecture and components, and realize its real-time control at the optimal working point.

Applications include: 

  • High-speed quantum-safe communications

  • Quantum-safe sensor networks (quantum IoT)

  • Next-generation distributed quantum computing

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Quantum Security

Public key cryptosystems will be broken by quantum computers, thus exposing all private communications (financial, medical, political, etc.) Hackers can already intercept today’s encrypted data and store it, so to break it at a later time.

Enterprises urgently need to migrate to quantum safe communications, based on quantum key distribution (QKD) and/or post quantum crypto (PQC). However, without an expert guide and design, these communications will be extremely slow, practically unfeasible if compared to the current standards.

Our software enables customers to:

  • Design a secure quantum network

  • Minimize its hardware requirements

  • Maximize its speed to exceed the standards.


Quantum Internet

Quantum computers need to be inter-connected via quantum links

Hardware companies are developing single tech quantum processors (ions, superconducting…) but not addressing the problem of their inter-connection via suitable interfaces (developed by others).

A quantum computing network is a complex scenario needing optimization for both its architecture and real time operation.

Our software provides the optimal design of a quantum computing network:

  • Accounting for its hybrid architecture

  • Minimizing its costs/requirements

  • Maximizing its ultimate performance.

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