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Quantum Networking

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About Us

Leveraging decades of premier research in quantum communication, security, and computing, our mission is to sculpt the future of quantum networks, ensuring near-term quantum security and pioneering the advent of next-generation quantum computing.


Near-Term Quantum Security

Quantum computers pose a threat to public key cryptosystems, potentially compromising a wide range of private communications, from financial transactions to healthcare information. It is essential for businesses to adopt quantum-resistant strategies, such as quantum key distribution or post-quantum cryptography. However, these new technologies may be significantly slower without expert design and implementation.

At nodeQ, we craft state-of-the-art software solutions, ensuring a seamless and optimal transition to quantum-secure networks.

Next-Gen Quantum

To scale up quantum computing, it is crucial to interconnect quantum processing units via suitable quantum communication channels. These channels should facilitate the accurate and high-speed transfer of quantum data, without introducing excessive deterioration. In this scenario of distributed quantum computing, quantum entanglement plays a pivotal role but demands the highest caliber of distribution and traffic management.

At nodeQ, we craft advanced software tools for routing quantum entanglement across diverse network structures at various scales.

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