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Post-Quantum Migration Service for Enterprises

At nodeQ, we are committed to preparing enterprises for the incoming post-quantum cryptographic migration. Starting in 2024, US government bodies will have to implement quantum-resistant algorithms as a result of the 2022 Biden's Quantum Computing Cybersecurity Preparedness Act. Furthermore, NIST standardization of post-quantum cryptography will be completed in 2024. 

To make enterprises ready for this crucial transition, nodeQ offers a service to test their network infrastructure for the implementation of post-quantum cryptography. The service assesses both the "quantum-readiness" of an enterprise to migrate to the new standards and the efficiency of their communications (e.g., speed) as a result of the migration. 

Our benchmarking process is meticulously conducted at two critical junctures: firstly, at the level of end-points, and secondly, at the level of network traffic. We deliver an exhaustive and detailed report, equipping our customers with in-depth insights and data-driven recommendations for the most effective course of action. After successful testing, enterprises have the option to integrate our advanced software, which offers quantum-resistant encryption and enhances network performance, ensuring both heightened security and improved efficiency.

Contact us for a demo and start testing the quantum readiness of your network communications. A sample of our Quantum Readiness Report is available upon request.

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