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QKeyGen™ is the complete software for QKD

QKeyGen™ is a versatile QKD software that accurately simulates QKD protocols, handles comprehensive data processing, and extracts the ultimate secret key. Compatible with any QKD hardware, QKeyGen™ processes data to produce a key that meets the highest standards of composable security.

Features of QKeyGen™

QKeyGen™ is supported on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. It has an easy to use graphical interface which allows a user to simulate a QKD link, process data and extract the final secret key, all with the most advanced level of quantum security.
It implements parameter estimation, error correction, and privacy amplification, for both discrete- and continuous-variable QKD protocols.

Advanced (Composable)
Quantum Security

Validation of QKD Hardware

Agnostic to
Vendor Hardware

Simulation of
QKD Links


Cloud Computing

Full Data


Extensive EC
Code Database


Users of QKeyGen™

QKeyGen™ is not limited to a specific industry. Whether you operate in finance, healthcare, government, or any sector that values data security, it provides an advanced solution to handle all the steps of QKD.

QKeyGen™ is ideal for:


  • Companies seeking to adopt QKD solutions and require to test and simulate their transition to rigorous quantum security

  • Companies seeking to validate the output from vendor-locked hardware boxes (that typically provide non-composable and basic level of security)

  • Companies in need of a software solution which is hardware agnostic

  • Institutions processing experimental data to publish research.

Ready to Generate Unbreakable Quantum Keys?

Experience the forefront of security with QKeyGen™,
brought to you by the quantum specialists at nodeQ.

Request a detailed brochure or a demo at:

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