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telaQ™ is the platform for optimal simulation and orchestration
of quantum-safe networks

A naive integration of quantum-safe communications (PQC and QKD) will impair the speed of existing networks. The new quantum-safe networks require careful design, optimization, and control. The solution to this problem is telaQ.

telaQ™ can be used as
simulator and orchestrator

As a Simulator

For enterprises starting to migrate to quantum-safe communications

telaQ provides an easy-to-use graphical interface for designing a quantum-safe network or integrating an existing classical network with quantum-safe communications. For any traffic scenario, telaQ delivers the most efficient routing solution together with an in-depth network simulation.

As an Orchestrator

For enterprises already implementing quantum-safe


As an orchestrator, telaQ imports real-time data from a quantum-safe network, computes the optimal routing, and deploys the solution via an SDN controller. Performance and security are continuously monitored and displayed to the administrator via a graphical interface.

Cutting-edge features of telaQ™

AI-Powered Engine

Quantum Cripto-Agility

Distributed Computing

Advanced Routing

Real-Time Monitoring


Use cases of telaQ™

Take the leap into the
future of quantum-safe networks with telaQ

Request a detailed brochure or a demo at:

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