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nodeQ supporting ENEA workshop on Quantum Sensing for Security

ENEA, the Italian Agency for New Technologies, Energy, and Sustainable Economic Development, is set to host an International Advanced Research Workshop on “Pursuing Quantum Sensing for Reliable Roadmaps” [1]. This is part of the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program [2] and will take place at the ENEA Research Center in Frascati, Italy (5-7 December 2023). The workshop will provide a collaborative environment for experts in academia and industry, with a focus on current advancements in quantum sensing, particularly in the realm of security.

Together with other companies, nodeQ is proud to support this significant event. Furthermore, our CEO will be one of the key speakers [3]. He will provide an overview of the current state of quantum sensors, including their classification, capabilities, and specific applications in security. The seminar will be based on a general review published in Nature Photonics [4] and a very recent update on topics of quantum radar [5].

The workshop aims to achieve multiple objectives: To cultivate a shared perspective on quantum sensing, to evaluate and compare the effectiveness of quantum sensing in detecting a range of substances and objects against classical detectors, and to explore and assess field applications of all quantum sensing technologies. Additionally, it seeks to foster discussions that will guide the future direction of these topics under the NATO SPS Program.


[1] Conference website

[2] NATO Science for Peace and Security Program

[4] Pirandola et al., Advances in photonic quantum sensing, Nat. Photonics 12, 724 (2018)

[5] Karsa, Fletcher, Spedalieri, Pirandola, Quantum Illumination and Quantum Radar: A Brief Overview, arXiv:2310.06049 (2023)


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